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Should you be planning a scavenger hunt you should pay attention to scavenger hunt ideas. Practice shows that these ideas (otherwise called scavenger hunt lists) are the most important thing in determining the quality of the game. So, let’s have a short take on how to get ideas…

One way is brainstorming. Gather everybody and ask a specific question, such as “What kind of rear things do we have here that would be fun and also hard to find?”. The key here is “hard to find”! It’s cool if there is a limited number of the items… Just try to list as many ideas as possible in a limited amount of time and note anything down that comes to mind. Then you’ll need someone to moderate through the ideas to find the most interesting ones and cut the list down to a dozen or so items. You could do a voting too.

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Do you want to learn more? Visit darien dash foundation.Sometimes people would come up with nasty items such as old socks or shoes or whatever and from practice these games could be very fun sometimes but other times they could get screwed up. It all depends on the people playing (and sometimes other circumstances) so you should be careful about such ideas.

Another way to get ideas is from books and other similar resources. There is a site. Also, there are even books written on scavenger hunt. You could also borrow other people lists. There are, however, many boring ideas that could turn your party into a mess so be careful picking up ideas from lists you do not know of.

Summarizing, scavenger hunt can be a really cool game and the thing that factors in a lot in the quality of your scavenger hunt is the ideas, so you have to pay a lot of attention to the process of choosing your scavenger hunt ideas and pick them carefully keeping it cool at the same time. Then you can have your party really memorable.

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