Healthy Weight Loss – It’s Not Just the Destination, It’s the Journey of Healthy Choices

Well, today it is not only the way and what we eat but the average lifestyle in the USA. And why are so many weight loss programs definitely not healthy weight loss plans for life?

As we explore the average lifestyle in the times we live, you can easily see how counterproductive to healthy living it is. If an infant is overfed and has rapid weight gain, especially during the first three months, there normally are lifelong health issues resulting. There are higher than normal type 2 diabetics, heart problems and metabolic issues that lead to poor health. Much life style choices go into this all along the way. We see teens fighting the weight and health battle and on into adulthood, the habits just roll on.

Health and Wellness – and a Lifestyle that Supports it : Food Choice and How We Eat:
-Normally 2 out of 3 meals are eaten outside of the home every day and 1 in 4 is from a fast food eatery. You know the ones that line the roads we drive, with signs and symbols that every child soon learns to spot. They vent the smells of cooking foods into the air giving a ‘come hither’ call.

-Do you know the most common vegetable eaten today, believe it or not, it’s the French fry. This does not lead to healthy weight loss.

-If we don’t turn our life choices around, will find obesity will bypass the health issues of smoking that leads to preventable death.

-What happened to the dinner table where people gathered to have a real food dinner? Most families don’t eat together anymore, everyone on the run. Fact is when you eat on the run, a person tends to gulp the food and it is easy to not only overeat but to make very poor food choices.


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