The Best SEO Techniques on a Budget

To begin an online campaign, we know that initial keyword research is vital. From an SEO point of view, this is also determined by the available resources. Some projects you might have more cash to spend on than others. It’s very dependent on the client and very dependent on the resources. Here is my best-case scenario depending on a limitless SEO budget. This is the pie in the sky version, then I can give my more realistic version, how most people probably would end up approaching it.

There are two ways to go about it for me. If I don’t have issues with budget, then I will take, and I will generate content against a set of keywords. Say I have fifty keywords that are potentials for me, I’ve already vetted the fact that they have search volume and that they’re not over the limit in terms of competition.

When I say that, I’m looking at a term where the leading sites in Google have a lot of links. We’re talking a lot of links, not just a couple of thousand, but 5,000 or 10,000. It’s pretty easy to spot something that you’ll never be competitive with in a reasonable amount of time.  Treasure-Valley-Idaho  is an excellent resource for this.

Obviously I’m not going to test those and those probably wouldn’t be the best for this test anyway. So I’ll toss those out. I know I’ll have terms that I can realistically be competitive in within less than six months using these SEO techniques. I’ll take those fifty terms and I’ll generate content against them.

If it’s e commerce then I’ll just be pushing their product pages. If it’s lead gen or if it’s a sales type of process, then I’ll push them towards targeted content around that. In the best-case scenario, I would test all of those through pay per click before I would SEO anything.

I’m pushing traffic through pay per click, not really spending a ton of money but I want to know if people come in, if they buy. So there’s an ROI associated with them. If I test those fifty keywords, then I see that twenty-five of them have shown maybe over a thousand clicks, that twenty -five of those terms result in a buy. Then those twenty-five I will turn around and I will start dedicating some link building towards them. I will structure my internal linking, I will make sure all my base SEO, my on page stuff is right and then I’ll really start chasing link building.

The other twenty-five I’ll probably dump until I’m in a position where the ones that I know are converting are up and running and making me money. So for people who have a PPC budget, if I could give anybody any advice, I’d probably say that’s the most important and the best step you can take to make sure that you are making money with SEO: testing through pay per click. For people who are intimidated by pay per click, I would just say, go out there and give it a shot.


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